Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Violent Video Games - I Can Die Now

I appear to have committed the ultimate liberal sin.  My brothers are going to disown me.  I agree with something Gayle Ruzika said.

Gayle Ruzika is the neo-nazi, ultra right wing liberal bashing fundamentalist at the center of the Eagle Forum here in Utah.  If it involves guns, freedom and liberty for all (those who are entitled to it) she is for it.

Given my natural tendancy toward a more liberal and/or moderate view of life it would seem that Ms. Ruzika and I would never see eye to eye on anything.  It appears that I should never say never.

Yesterday the US Supreme Court struck down a California law prohibiting violent video game sales to minors.  The Court said that this was an infringement of the rights of minors.  Aside from the fact that minors really don't have rights, it would seem in contrast to their views on obscenity.  You are a criminal if you sell a kid a nudie magazine (I'm not advocating this) but it is their constitutional right to buy a game that shows rape, torture and exploding body parts. 

I usually side with the US Supreme Court and most of the time I can see their reasoning.  I haven't read the decision but I would assume there is more to it than we are getting on Fox News.

Here is the part about Ms. Ruzika.  She said that the US Supreme Court was wrong (no suprise) and that we needed to protect our children from these sorts of violent games.  I couldn't believe that she was saying what I was thinking.  I can die now!

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Max said...

Pedro, I forgive you. When I heard the Supreme Court Decision my first reaction was to assume that ultra-right wing people like our legislators and Gayle would agree with the decision. After all, in the past they have been very hypocritical in supporting censorship of sexual issues but against the same for violence. Personally, I am VERY surprised at her response, and somewhat uncomfortable with it. After all, it has ignited an inkling of respect for her. Bleah!