Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Hope Is Lost II

OK so I was on a downer bender when I wrote this. Thanks to everyone who commented.

The Jazz did end up sucking, lots of people are upset about Bob Bennett being kicked to the curb (see my favorite newspaper's opinion section today) and I still maintain we as a society would do better if we focused on curing cancer rather than putting instructions on plastic grocery bags.

Monday, May 10, 2010

All Hope Is Lost

I had a boss who used to say "If you are a hammer everything looks like a nail". I guess I was a hammer this morning because everything I looked at seemed to fit the title of this post - All Hope is Lost.

I opened my favorite newspaper and saw this headline plastered in big type on the front of the sports page. Way to support the Jazz. They were referring to the fact that the Jazz lost it's third game in a row to the Lakers. The Jazz are facing elimination but once again "Salt Lake's Independent Voice" shows it is a class act (scarcasm).

Entry number two in this category is the elimination of 3 time Senator Robert Bennett from consideration as candidate by the delegates at the Republican Convention this week. Are we really that short sited that we can push a public servant to the curb that quickly without at least having the people have their say? If this is the future of our political system maybe "All Hope is Lost".

The last concept in this thread is the scariest one. It refers to nothing less than all of humanity. When I went shopping this weekend I found a plastic bag with directions on it. Are we really that stupid or lazy that we need instructions on a plastic bag? Next thing you know there will be a disclaimer that the provider of the bag will not be responsible for its improper use; oh yeah, we already have this with dry cleaning bags. I say we need to let people suffer from their own mistakes and maybe we can thin out the herd enough that we won't have to have directions on plastic bags. If this is the way things are going maybe "All Hope is Lost".

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vote Carroon

Yesterday Democratic gubernatorial candidate Peter Carroon chose his running mate. She is Republican state representative Sheryl Allen. Nice move Mr. Mayor.

I am a fan of Peter Corroon's work as Mayor of Salt Lake County. He has been active in the green movement and has set fiscal restraints on the County that were needed. I have a friend who works for him and has only good things to say about him. He is for small, transparent, effective government. The City Weekly likes him.

I am not a fan of the present Govenor, Gary Herbert. He is a clone of the Utah legislature and was not voted in (he was Lt. Gov when John Huntsman Jr. resigned to be emperor of China) Herbert has been absent on critical issues and seems wishy-washy. His greatest public appeal has been to be a flu fighter. He could have been a stand up gov this past legislative session but chose to just let bills slide through, he signed 400 bills and vetoed only 3.

Other reasons that Ms. Allen is a good choice as a running mate for Peter Carroon; she is from Davis County, one of the more moderate counties in Utah (unlike the one behind the Zion Curtain), she is an educator and will most likely keep education in the forefront of her political asperations and most of all she has made a career of opposing the dominant thought pattern in the Utah Legislature. That makes her OK in my book.

Another reason to vote for Carroon/Allen is that they are 20 points behind the present Govenor. I am always a fan of the underdog, particularly if they are better than the favorite.

Anyway, here is to a fun political season and if nothing else hopefully I have sparked some interest.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi There


I have been absent from the blogosphere for a month now. Not intentionally, not due to injury or dementia, but due purely to a lack of interest on my part.

I have been on a few trips into the outback without my trusty blog machine, but each time I resurfaced I thought more about getting my work done than regaling you all with the details of my exploits.

To those who are followers of this blog, both of you, I hope my absence has not caused any emotional inconvenience. I thank you for your continued support and hope you have not completely lost interest.

More to come . . . .