Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitchen Items as Jewlery

I glanced over this headline this morning in the Salt Lake Tribune "Man allegedly slashed victim's face with meat cleaver" without a thought, just another example of fury meets (no pun intended) opportunity. Then I read the first sentence - "A Salt Lake City man is accused of slashing another man's face with a meat cleaver he was wearing as a necklace - What????

Is this a new trend? Kitchen items as jewelry, are we going to see someone with a spatula, a frying pan or a cuisinart as an accessory? What bad Saturday Night Live skit did this guy get the idea from? And didn't the victim think not to enrage Tu Pac when he saw a meat cleaver just below his chin? Ah well, I guess I am just out of touch with things today when I would think a guy with a meat cleaver around his neck was out of the ordinary.


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