Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All Hope Is Lost II

OK so I was on a downer bender when I wrote this. Thanks to everyone who commented.

The Jazz did end up sucking, lots of people are upset about Bob Bennett being kicked to the curb (see my favorite newspaper's opinion section today) and I still maintain we as a society would do better if we focused on curing cancer rather than putting instructions on plastic grocery bags.

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Max said...

I'm not sorry at the loss of Bob Bennett, just that because of our totally sucky delegate system we're going to end up with someone even more conservative. The Jazz do suck, hence for years the joke about why you don't buy a car from Stockton-to-Malone Toyota. (You'll never bring home the title). And finally, the insturctions on plastic bags (and other such stupidities)goes completely against Darwin's theories.