Monday, May 10, 2010

All Hope Is Lost

I had a boss who used to say "If you are a hammer everything looks like a nail". I guess I was a hammer this morning because everything I looked at seemed to fit the title of this post - All Hope is Lost.

I opened my favorite newspaper and saw this headline plastered in big type on the front of the sports page. Way to support the Jazz. They were referring to the fact that the Jazz lost it's third game in a row to the Lakers. The Jazz are facing elimination but once again "Salt Lake's Independent Voice" shows it is a class act (scarcasm).

Entry number two in this category is the elimination of 3 time Senator Robert Bennett from consideration as candidate by the delegates at the Republican Convention this week. Are we really that short sited that we can push a public servant to the curb that quickly without at least having the people have their say? If this is the future of our political system maybe "All Hope is Lost".

The last concept in this thread is the scariest one. It refers to nothing less than all of humanity. When I went shopping this weekend I found a plastic bag with directions on it. Are we really that stupid or lazy that we need instructions on a plastic bag? Next thing you know there will be a disclaimer that the provider of the bag will not be responsible for its improper use; oh yeah, we already have this with dry cleaning bags. I say we need to let people suffer from their own mistakes and maybe we can thin out the herd enough that we won't have to have directions on plastic bags. If this is the way things are going maybe "All Hope is Lost".


A Paperback Writer said...

Douglas Adams, in So Long And Thanks For All The Fish, has a character who builds his house inside out in rebellion at the stupidity of the world after he finds directions for use on a box of toothpicks (I hope my memory is correct here.).
Personally, I felt all was lost when I was living in Scotland and purchased a small box of powdered milk to keep on hand, only to find a large warning label: Caution: contains milk. That was scary.

The Gearheads said...

I see your optimism is running strong, Pedro.
What our fantastic paper neglected to mention is All Hope is Lost for the Jazz as long as Jerry is at the helm. And yes, it is mighty pathetic that a plastic bag would require instructions, but why don't the include the "new" American language too?