Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday I took a mental health day and we went to Ogden.

We took Frontrunner, which in itself was a blast. The cars are double-deckers so you can sit in the top row and watch all the single driver cars go by on Legacy Highway and I-15 (pretty rightously indignant of me huh?). The trip took about an hour from the 5300 so. Traxx station to the Ogden Frontrunner depot. The best part was that it cost only $12 for 4 of us for both Traxx and Frontrunner. I don't know how crowded it gets during rush hour but there were plenty of seats for us during the seniors run.

We then went to a place only a few blocks from the Odgen Frontrunner station called iFly. It is a big fan in a tall room that lets you simulate skydiving without the fear of hitting the pavement at terminal velocity. It was a blast.

Again we were there during off peak time, but the instructor spent a lot of time with us telling us how to get the most out of our experience. Each of our "flights" (we had two of them lasting about 1 and a half minutes each) was guided by the instructor. On the second "flight" he did a few tricks with us, letting us soar up to the top of the tall room (30 -40 feet tall) and down again. What a rush! It was a bit of a workout but it beat the heck out of a ride at the other amusement park in that area. The cost was a bit steep ($50 each) but I would definately go again. You really felt like you were skydiving and there was no fear of suffering from deceleration trauma.

We also got a video of each of our turns set to reggae music. All in all a really fun experience.

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Max said...

Ok, I now have a goal for the summer - pseudo-skydiving. I have always wanted to do some actual skydiving, but also knew that getting me out of the plane that first time would take nothing short of a nuclear powered crowbar. This, on the other hand, sounds like something I could get myself to do. And sounds like fun.