Monday, October 25, 2010

Annex Mexico

I thought of the solution to the drug trade and the attendant violence along our border with Mexico.  We should annex Mexico (and all of Central America down to Colombia) as the 51st state of the United States.

Before you start trying me for treason listen to my reasoning:

1.  This would cut out the violence along the US-Mexico border because now there would be no border.  All those people trying to get into the US would already be here. 

2.  As a US State we would have the ability to send in the national guard to take out the drug cartels and we would settle this area in 6 months. 

3.  The US border would now be with Colombia.  Five Marines with machine guns could guard this border. 

4.  All the money we save guarding the border could go to upgrading the infrastructure in this new state.  The Mexicans could have luxuries like running water and a sewer system. Under my plan they would be seperate functions, not the same thing as they are now.

5.  You wouldn't need a passport to visit Mexico or anywhere in Central America. 

6.  With increased tourism the drug cartels could turn their hideouts and battle grounds into tourist attractions.  Like Disney World only with machine guns.

7.  Tequila wouldn't have to be imported.
8.  We would get the Panama Canal back.

9.  Mexicans could get free health care and education for their children.  Oh yea, they already have that in California. 

I think we should start a petition to annex Mexico.  It's just what we need to kick start the economy.  It would allow families torn apart by a border to be reunited and it would give us another war to take our minds off the problems we are facing at home.  I think this idea has real merit. 

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