Saturday, October 2, 2010

Being Heard - Mineral Bottom Road

My blog report on the Mineral Bottom Road caught the attention of someone in Grand County.  They are working hard to put together the funding to get the road repaired but they need our help.  They have made an assessment of the commercial use in the area but not of the casual visitor, the weekend traveler who goes into this country without a guide or organized commercial group. 

They need us to let our local representatives know that this is important to us.  They need to know how we use the Mineral Bottom Road, what our financial impact on the Moab area is when we go down there and how this road being unusable will impact our future plans.  You can put together a short, personal email with details about your experiences.

Please write to your state representative and the Governor and tell them you want the road fixed so you can visit Moab and Grand County.  Contact Governor Gary R. Herbert (Utah) at, Senator Orrin Hatch at and Senator Robert Bennett at  I believe there is an underscore between the first and last names of each contact for the senators.    Please pass this plea onto anyone you know who visits Moab and Grand County.

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