Monday, December 20, 2010

Renovation Realities

My wife got a wild hair this past month and decided we needed to update the rooms on the main floor before Christmas.

We put on a second story to our house about 5 years ago.  Since then the old part of the house has looked a bit dull next to the new part of the house.  We matched the common areas because of a 2 story great room, but the inside each of the rooms was still without much character. 

The door and base trim was vintage, the windows had tile for sills and there was no crown.  The lights had been removed from the center ceiling and the switch was re-routed to a plug for a floor lamp in each of the rooms, very 60s.  No matter how updated we made the paint scheme, the rooms still looked out dated.

Enter supermom.  She hired an electrician who put center lights and updated all the plugs.  Then our son-in-law who is terrific at home renovations put on sills, base, moundling and crown.  She did all the painting.  I tried to keep out of the way.  I did some of the mechanical things but I hate to paint. 

Its not all finished yet but already it looks great.

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Max said...

Looks nice, can't wait to see it on Christmas.