Thursday, August 4, 2011

Father of the Year

Late one night a truck was pulled over on the interstate outside Baton Rouge, LA.  The driver was 8 years old.  His very intoxicated dad was in the passenger seat along with his 4 year old sister. 

It seems dad had too much to drink and had instructed his 8 year old son to drive him home.  After all, dad shouldn't be driving, for safety reasons as well as the possiblity of getting a DUI ticket. 

My question is how does an 8 year old reach the pedals?  Did he tie bricks to his feet? 

You know, if you take the fact that the kid was 8 out of the equasion, the guy wasn't as dumb as you may think.  He didn't get behind the wheel himself, and he did get a designated driver.  I think kids should get special dispensation if they get caught driving underage when they are bringing their alcoholic parents home. 

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