Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm sure you all remember that on 9/11/01 a horrific event befell the American people.  We watched as commercial airliners, commandeered by terrorists, plunged into the Twin Towers in NYC, symbols of the heart of capitalism.  It was a life changing moment for all. 

America no longer appeared invisible.  We had again been goaded into war as we did in 1941 by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  At the time it seemed to shake our base beliefs. 

In the following days, weeks and months, NYC, and the country, banded together and helped each other.  Like the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the attack on the Twin Towers came to symbolize the best in people in this country as they rallied around their beliefs and fought to protect their way of life. 

In observing this horrible event, we should honor those who lost their lives both at the time and in the ensuing conflicts brought on by this attack.  We should remember and be thankful for our freedoms and liberties and never take them for granted.  We should work to protect those less fortunate than us and we should work to encourage cooperation and understanding. 

This is what I believe the remembrance events this weekend should be about.

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