Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Northeastern Spain by Motorcycle

I have been somewhat remiss in my posting because this week I have been on another motorcycle trip. 

Two weeks ago I went for a week across northern Nevada on our annual fall motorcycle tour.  This one took off west from SLC and we moved relatively even with the Pony Express trail through western Utah and Eastern Nevada.  It was a week of camping, trail riding with a heavly loaded KLR 650 and some light duty days of circuit riding.  All in all it was an easy trip from the standpoint of technical off road motorcycling.

Last week I was in Barcelona Spain on business.  This week my business partners organized a week long motorcycle trip.  Unlike the previous motorcycle trip this one was fully supported by a van that met us during the day with lunch and got to the hotel every night to set up our accomodations.

This isn't a package trip, it is set up by one of the guys on the ride.  Sort of the manifestation of having taken many of those organized trips and saying "I can do a better job on a lot less money".

We have two young guys riding with us and all the other older guys have a lot more experience riding than I do.  This means we ride hard and fast most of the day.  We are riding KTM 450s.  A lot lighter and higher performance bike than my KLR.

Here are the bikes before we began.  They are nowhere near as clean now since we have had four days of riding and two of them were in the rain.  We do about 70% of the ride off road, about 10% is classified as difficult or very difficult.  The van on the right is our support vehicle.

We started from Barcelona and went north.  We do about 100 to 150 miles a day.  Tonight we are in Andorra, the country.  The terrain is very hilly and beautiful.  I wish I could paste a few more pictures but I broke my Blackberry phone which I was using as a camera.  The data on the phone appears intact but I won't be able to get to it until I get back home.

Anyway tomorrow we ride east through the Pyrenees strattling France and Spain.  I have a great life and a great wife don't I?

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