Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let's Get Involved

While we still wait for the young girl to get things together to get her license (she passed the test on Friday and didn't go to school yesterday - sore throat) I thought I would do my public service announcement and encourage everyone to get involved in the legislative process.

The Utah legislature is in full swing up at the big round building on the hill (not the tabernacle). They are merrily pronouncing such important things as the end of 12th grade (today I read Buttars has withdrawn his bill on this for this year), the end of noisy aftermarket mufflers (thanks Rae) and the desire to remove a constitutional amendment on affirmative action. Did I also mention they want to pass a law that requires Utah legislator's approval on any national health care bill, they want the Governor to choose the Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court and they want Martin Luther King Jr Day to be shared with John M. Browning the inventor of the Browning Rifle? What should we call it "Cause and Effect Day"?

I read in an opinion letter in the "Greatest Newspaper in the World" that a characterized the Utah legislature as trending over the past 20 years from clueless to mean to dangerous. It seems this year they are continuing that trend.

I know you think nothing you say or do will affect a legislator's vote but we have this new medium that allows you to communicate instantly with them. So what if they don't immediately drop their BOM and take up your cause. You have a duty to let them know exactly how you feel. If you live in this state it is your obligation to know what the boys (and girls) on the hill are up to and let them know if they aren't representing you. How else will they learn about views other than what they are told on Sunday.

Now you are saying to yourself "that sounds good but how do I get a hold of them?". I just happen to have the answer. I learned about this cool website that will give you all the information you want. Go to http://le.utah.gov. This is the website for the Utah legislature. You can look up your legislators, current bills being considered by number and key word search and you can listen to the current debates and follow the ones you want with a daily agenda. You can even refer to the Utah Code if you think the legislators are not following the law. (only 12 of the 111 legislators list themselves as lawyers - by comparison 10 have no education beyond a high school diploma - no they aren't the same ones).

If you see a topic in the newspaper that excites your civic ire, don't just grumble about it, email your representative.

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