Thursday, February 18, 2010

Utah Legislators III

I knew it was too much to ask that all the crazy, unreasonable legislation would be presented at the beginning of this year's session.

This morning in the "Best Newspaper in Utah" a report on the legislature indicated the following proposal for a bill was circulating: Since John M. Browning, the inventor of the Browning rifle and native Utahn had a birthday in January (he's dead) we should consider celbrating his birthday and contribution to society by combining it with Martin luther King Jr. Day.

Does that strike anyone else as horribly insensitive? The Civil Rights leader, who was slain by an assassin, should share his rememberence with the inventor of a gun? Why don't we declare a holiday for Ghandi/Charles Manson or Albert Schweitzer/Jack the Ripper. I know Mr. Browning wasn't a serial killer but the proposal by the Utah legislature makes about as much sense.

I read in the same paper a letter to the editor (which often seem much more reasonable than some of the factual items being reported) describing the Utah legislature as transitioning over the past 20 years from clueless to mean to dangerous. I feel like this about this year's crop of proposals from our legislators.

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