Friday, November 12, 2010

Is Anyone Awake in Congress?

I think our esteemed Congressional representatives continue to demonstrate that they are so far removed from the people they represent that they are on another planet.

I was listening to  NPR this morning.  Former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi was the guest.  She was saying that the Democrats and Republicans were continuing to butt heads on tax relief.  The Republicans are still holding onto making the Bush Era temporary tax cuts for the top wage earners (the wealthy) permanent.  She went on to say that the Democrats would consider making these tax cuts permanent only if there were also tax cuts for all.  As a side note she said the Bush Era tax cuts did not create jobs as expected. 

Are you kidding?  We have spent ourselves into future bankruptcy and now you want more tax cuts?  I like to get things for free but we need to be responsible.  We can't just keep getting the best of government services and cut taxes.  Do they really think this is the solution? 

This is short-sighted thinking and is the type of thinking that got us into this mess in the beginning.  Is this the "less government" route the Tea Party people are calling for?  The American people have spoken and this is not what they have said. 

I believe the American people want government to get their house in order.  I believe the American people want some fiscal responsiblity.  They know it will hurt, but again they have put their trust in Congress and this trust is being violated. 

The program also went on to attack the mortgage interest deduction as a possible place to cut back.  Ms. Pelosi said this is huge program so it is a place to make a huge impact, and therefore is a natural target.  After hearing the discussion I believe we (our government) should not promote everyone getting a mortgage but this seems to be a simplistic way to get at the problem.

Rather than do a precision cut of wasteful tax and spending programs piece by piece, they would rather take a machete to one program, hack out a large chunk and then be done with it.  It didn't take one reform to get us into this mess and it will take more than one reform to get us out. 

When will our candidates quit telling us they are going to Congress to do what is right, and do it.

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