Thursday, November 4, 2010

Political Fall Out

The elections are over and the populace has spoken, at least 34% of them have (the percentage of voters in Utah who voted on Tuesday - 45th in the nation). 

In my own political analysis, which is the result of listening to CNN, MSNBC and FOX for as long as I could take it, I believe the public are angry that things aren't turning around quickly.  Other than that I believe it is the political pundits that are spinning that into a condemnation of specific Democratic programs. 

The trouble is now the Republicans can't just be angry, you red guys (and girls) have to do something. If we voted we have the right to complain, now we all have the obligation to get involved. Write your congressman (or woman), voice your opinion and tell them what you want. Go to local political meetings where your representatives will hear you and tell them what you want. I'm not talking about the vitriolic rantings the Tea Partiers call rallies.
If you are angry about something specific, write it down and give it to someone in charge.  If you are angry and don't know quite what it is that is angering you, put in the time to find out.  We have the greatest political system in the world and the ability to effect it.  Exercise your Constitutional rights.  Get out and make a difference.  The voice our elected officials hear should truly be the voice of the people, not what they want to hear. 

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