Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Investment Bankers - The New Lawyers

I was at a conference last week and the topic of lawyer bashing came up.  The speaker said, probably because it was a conference of lawyers, that because of the recent financial meltdown, Investment Bankers have leaped over lawyers as the most despised group of professionals.

Here were a few of the jokes about investment bankers:

Because of the financial meltdown they had to redefine a few terms - CEO now means Chief Embezzelment Officer, Broker is what your investment counselor has made you and the new theory of economics being taught is no longer buy low/sell high, it is buy low/sell lower.

If you bought $1000 of stock in Delta Airlines before the economic meltdown, it is worth $49 today, $1000 of AIG is now worth $39 and $1000 of Leaman Brothers is worth nothing.  If you bought $1000 worth of beer and drank it instead of investing in these companies you would have $214 worth of aluminium.  The moral of the story is drink beer and recycle.

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Max said...

Drink beer and recycle. Love that one.