Monday, January 17, 2011

Goin to the Land

Saturday we took my snowmobile to the land.  Our objective was to get to the cabin.  There was a lot of snow but I made it.

What I mean by I made it was that we tried to get the trucks up the unplowed road and we couldn't go more than a few feet.  I then got the snowmobile (or is that snowmachine as per our Alaskan political hottie Sarah Palin?) and followed a track up the main unplowed road that led past our gate.  I figured I could go up alone (lighter) and blaze the trail so the trucks could follow.

The track continued up past our gate and the entrance to our land was unplowed, untracked and snow drifted.  I charged ahead and promptly got the machine stuck in the deep snow.  I got off the machine and sunk down to my knees.  I struggled to get the machine out and finally got it to the gate. 

I did get the machine up to the cabin, not without burying it two more times in deep drifts.  There were several broken limbs across the road.  This is unusual for our land; broken limbs.  The first picture is of a particularly large limb down across our road by the cabin.  The snow must have been heavy when falling and come down really fast.

When I returned to the trucks I was exhausted from pulling the machine out of the drifts.  My brothers had been trying to get the truck up the now machine blazed trail but without any success. The guys did manage to get their truck stuck in the snowbank while I was gone.  The second picture is of the impression the front bumper made in the snowbank.

My wife and I had visions of getting up to the cabin alone with the snowmobile but I guess we will have to wait until the snow melts a bit or I track it up a lot more. 

Any way it was fun riding up to the cabin.  The air was fresh and clean. my lungs appreciated that.  

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