Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snow More

Its snowing again!  I don't mean to be ungrateful, we do need the water, but this has been a very prolific year for snow.

In past years when we have had a dearth of snow we all prayed we would get more.  I was disappointed that I couldn't go skiing as often as I liked.  We worried about the water for the summer and generally a year doesn't feel like a full year if you don't have snow season.

This year has been unusual even for a good snow year.  In a typical abundant snow year we have the stuff piled up everywhere and it gets in our way.  This year the snow comes in small bunches and we can handle that.  The white stuff is piling up in the mountains but so far we haven't had that epic snow storm in the valley that takes out power lines and prevents clean up on side streets for a few days.  To date the only ill effect has been a really cold snap about New Year's. 

The weather guys (and gals) didn't predict any snow for SLC today so that's why I thought it was weird when it started snowing this morning (the weather professionals wrong? no way).  I thought it would just brush by and sprinkle a little.  No real accumulation but just enough to powder the driveway. 

It kept coming. On my way to work the snow whitened the roads.  Cars left those tracks where the rest of the road is white.  I got to work and had to go back out to my car and the snow had piled up about 2 inches.  As I gaze out my window trying to avoid work the snow is continuing to fall at a steady rate, covering everything.  We have about three inches here in Sandy and it doesn't appear to be letting up. 

The skiers are going to love this.  It will add to our water for the summer and it really is better than being in Florida for the winter, I think so anyway.  The really funny thing is all this talk does nothing to change the amount, variety and frequency of the snow, rain, sun or clouds.  They were here long before us and will continue, unfazed, after we are gone. 

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