Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mineral Bottom Road Update II

I heard from my contact at the Grand County Commission that the Mineral Bottom Road has received funding for it to be fixed and the work has begun.

The first of at least two blasting events has taken place.  This blast was done to clear the debris from the road.  The second, which may have already taken place or will in the near future, is to create the topography necessary to put the road back in place.

There is no time frame set for completion of the project.   As I am sure you can imagine rain, snow and unforseen consequences will most likely dictate the completion time frame. 

I also called the National Park Service's office for backcountry permits and they said they didn't know when the road would be finished.  They were still going on the assumption that if you wanted to camp on the White Rim you had to go in and come back the same way. 

Both entities appear to be doing all they can to get this recreational treasure opened and functional for visitors.  I'll keep you posted.

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