Monday, January 10, 2011

The Shoe Tree is Gone

Last week I read a small article in the Salt Lake Tribune saying the Shoe Tree along Highway 50 in Nevada was cut down.  What a tragedy.

Last March a few friends and I rode motorcycles from Salt Lake to Death Valley, CA and back.  On our way back we stopped at the Shoe Tree to pay homage.  Its located on a very desolate stretch of one lane highway litterally in the middle of nowhere.  Surely it was safe from vandalism.

I guess some people can leave well enough alone.  The Shoe Tree was not hurting anyone, it wasn't blocking anyone's view or disrupting traffic or encroaching onto the highway.  It was one of those weird bits of Americana that made the trip all that more interesting. 

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Max said...

Noooooo! Not the shoe tree! You and I discovered that on our own the summer we went Ghost Town hunting. It was one of the highlights of the trip. Guess I'll just have to be glad we went by there before it was gone.