Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Anarchists Came Over Last Night

We had our kids over last night.  All 7 grandkids were in attendence.  It was great.  It is wonderful to see them growning and interacting.  They really do like each other.  They also seem very comfortable at our house.

There are two in particular that are especially comfortable with each other and everyone else.  They are cousins.  They are two of the triplets.  Not real triplets, they were all born in the same year, in fact in the same quarter, to each of our kids (or their spouse in the case of our son).  They have grown up together and get along well.

These two I refer to are particularly close.  They go to the same preschool.  Their mothers are sisters and get along well.  They live within a mile of each other.

They also are full of personality.  They are not shy and they both have a flair for the comedic.  When they get together they are a hand full.  I don't know how their preschool does it but when I go to pick them up, everyone knows them.

When they arrive they always ask for the other.  If they are alone they are ok.  They respond to direction and appear to play well with the others.

When the other shows up, all bets are off.  They blast from room to room finding as many toys as possible and dragging them out in to the living room. Scattering the legos all over the place.  Asking us to read a book and then getting another and then getting another until we have a stack on the coffee table, which eventually gets shoved off for a game or a stuffed animal. 

I don't mean this in a negative way.  I really love them and they are a blast to watch.  I enjoy their energy and I try to keep up with them for a bit.  I fade quickly and they are off to terrorize another room. 

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