Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Epic Day

It snowed last night, 11 inches at Solitude with a 98 inch base. 2-3 inches of the lightest, fluffiest, greatest snow on earth on my driveway. The sun is out, the wind is non-existant and it is a weekday.

Unfortunately I have a meeting planned for 10:00 so I am having as much fun as you are. Working for a living sucks!

The trip into work was made even less enjoyable by the drivers around me.  The roads were just wet but they were going slow.  This was compounded by some who had snow on their cars.
To the snow covered morons - take a minute before you leave to wipe off your car.  Your blocked vision and attention to getting your windshield clear while driving diminishes your otherwise pathetic driving skills to the point where you are, more than usual, a danger to all around you. 
I could be cutting turns in the powder right now. 

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