Thursday, February 10, 2011

Car Surfing

I saw this story on the news yesterday about teens "car surfing".  That's when a kid climbs up on the roof of a car going 30-50 mph piloted by a buddy.  If the driver were a professional and you had worked out a plan beforehand of signals and what would happen if the unexpected were to happen and if you were wearing protective gear, this might be fun.

In most cases the kids are high and there is no plan.  They aren't wearing safety gear and things happen.  Some kids get killed.  Kids - don't try this at home.

Things are made worse by "ghost riding".  This is where the driver puts the car on cruise control and climbs up on the roof himself or herself.  This won't end badly, will it?

The article said this concerning trend was probably started with the movie Jackass (2002).  I don't think so.  Not that I would admit this to my kids, but I have been known to use a car as a vehicle for stupid stunts.  That was in the 70s.  There was a movie in the 80s called Teen Wolf (1985) where Michael J. Fox climbs up on a really nice van and surfs into the school parking lot.  In Footloose (1984) Kevin Bacon is fooling around in pick up truck beds driving side by side on dirt roads. 

This has been going on for a lot longer than they think.

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Max said...

Everything's new, and an obvious result of our current society. It's like with panhandlers and other chronic homeless. Been around since before Biblical times, but somehow it's a deficiency in our society.
As for me, I NEVER went car surfing. It was usually from the back of a pickup truck.