Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Know How to Save the Economy

Have you heard that joke - I know how to save the economy, turn off all your tvs and radios and quit reading the paper. Today in the Salt Lake Tribune there was another example of poor wording causing an unintended (I hope) interpretation of a story.

The headline, front and center on the front page reads "Utah BAGS $53M in Stimulus Plan". Isn't that great. Our Senators went huntin' and they came back with a great big ol' buck of a prize. I'm sure they can't wait to show their kill to their friends down at the tractor pull.

All scarcasm aside I don't think even the writer and editor who previewed this headline ("I'm assuming someone looked at it before it was printed beside the writer) intended the level of hickdum I proscribed above.

Still, couldn't they have shown a little sophistication by writing a headline that didn't conjure up an image of a hayseed in his camo overalls?

It seems someone on the website did think it was better to be less cute. If you go onto the Tribune's website the only headline for this subject is "Utah to get first stimulus cash this week".

Thanks to the web editor (is there someone with this title?) for having some common sense. Now when are the rest of the editors going to get it?

Just my opinion.

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