Friday, February 27, 2009

If I Have to See Gene Rayburn's Face One More Time

Just wanted to thank Max for posting. Not that I didn't enjoy opening the website and looking at Gene Rayburn's face, OK it was about to drive me to drink - more. It's just that it reminded me of the good old days when things were better but not really. Color TV was a novelty, on all three channels, the phone was cool when you were home to answer it or use it and a computer was something NASA used to put men on the moon.

Here is a link to a U-Tube video that has the same sentiments:

I could have tolerated the Match Game posting by Max a lot longer if Farrah Fawcett's pic was in it.



Max said...

Would you have preferred Charles Nelson Reilley?

Pedro (Private Dick) said...

I'd rather see Nipsy Russell or Kitty Carlisle.