Friday, February 20, 2009

The Legislature Got it Right

Chris Buttars told a news crew that homosexuals are the greatest threat to the world. Hasn't he heard of global warming, the Taliban or killer bees? But I digress.

Today the Legislature, in particular Sen. Waddups (the same Sen. Waddups that wanted to capture scanned information from bar patrons) punished Sen. Buttars for his comments. He was removed from his prestigous position on the House Judicial Committee. Buttars used to be the chairman and now he can't even get in.

I'm not saying that I am glad for this Legislative version of a public spanking, but I do think it took good judgement on the part of the Legislature to realize that Sen. Buttars' poor judgement was not going to stop, and with a high profile position like the chair of the Judicial Committee, he could have done a lot more damage to the Legislature and its reputation.

Maybe also Gov. Huntsman's support of equal rights for non-one man-one woman marriages is rubbing off on the Legislature. If they listened more to the Governor and less to the "concerned citizens" they meet with each year from a predominant religous group we would all be better off.

Why can't we all just get along.

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