Monday, February 16, 2009

Its A Beautiful Day 2

I just wanted to comment on how much fun I had today. My kids and their kids and some other kids went for a short hike just above the city.

The view was fantastic, the company was wonderful and it was so close. I didn't know you could get away so easily. In just a few minutes we were above the valley and into the forest, so it seemed.

The hike, which is probably really easy most of the time, was complicated by snow, but even so the 2 year olds did it without much trouble at all (we carried them some of the way).

The really great thing about this hike is that it ends at a lake so there is a feature to gaze at when you are catching your breath. Also there are potties at the beginning (but not at the lake - but the hike is short).

The other really cool thing is that no dogs are allowed. You don't have any annoying hounds pawing at you while their owners stand idly by thinking you enjoy this as much as they do. No thanks. Also there isn't the doggie byproduct that seems to follow them everywhere which their owners are supposed to pick up but don't.

Anyhow I started this to just tell you how wonderful the walk was. We should keep it up. It was a lot of fun.

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