Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm going to try and post every day so I can get the top spot on the alert box on

Its not that I am competitive and need to be number 1. Although many have given me the hand gesture that suggests I am.

Its not that I am vain or ego centric, the world really does revolve around me. I am sure that when I leave a place everyone waits around in suspended animation until I return. If a log falls outside of my hearing I'm not sure it makes a sound.

Its just that what I have to say is so truly important that I think everyone should read it and make insightful comments. Also I know that you are all reading this intently awaiting your chance to chime in on what I have to say. I don't want to disappoint you by making you wait. You should have the benefit of my insight as soon as I commit it to my blog. Now isn't that truly humble and giving of me?

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