Monday, November 23, 2009

Its Real!

Before I get to the really big news, just an update on my quest to the top. A minor setback, I am still number 3 and my Sunday post has not been recognized yet. I'm not dismayed, I will pull myself up from this hiccup and continue my quest. Onward and upward to an unparalleled plateau of power and prestige.

This is the really big news - Real Salt Lake won the MLS Cup! Sweeeeeeeeeet. They were a sub .500 club in the regular season and barely made it into the playoffs but they managed to pull it together at the right time and make it happen when it counted the most. Great job guys, thanks for bringing SLC its first national championship since 1984 when the Zoobies (BYU Cougars football) were handed a national championship in NCAA football because they cried about not getting enough respect through their lightweight schedule.

Not that I am bitter about this, just that I happened to be going to the U of U at the time and we were referred to as "Bo Diddly Tech" by Bryant Gumble. I think I put that all behind me over the last 25 years, but I still get all riled up every year the U plays the Zoo, I am still not able to say BYU in any other way than making it sound like a swear and I can't help refering to the 2008 Sugar Bowl where the U crushed Alabama every time the subject of the rivalry comes up. I guess I may still harbor some ill will toward our rivals to the south.

Back to my point. Real Salt Lake did what the Spazz couldn't. Do you remember the 1996-97 basketball season when the Utah Spazz met the Chicago Bulls (Micheal Jordan's team) in the NBA Finals and Micheal put the game and the series away with a stellar show of power in the Delta Center (now the Energy Solutions Arena) even though he had a temperature of 102? It was like watching the ball roll through Billy Buckner's legs in the 1986 World Series (OK I am a Red Sox fan and I may have some sports related issues).

We should embrace Real Salt Lake and thank them for bringing Salt Lake to sports prominance again after a long drought.

That also reminds me of my favorite Jazz joke - Why don't you buy a car from Stockton to Malone Honda? Because they won't get you the title. Unfair but funny.

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