Friday, November 27, 2009

Still Shut Out and What Was That Thing Over Gibraltar

My post for Thursday didn't come up yet. I'm feeling discriminated against. I'm going to call the NAAIDWP (The National Association for the Advancement of Internet-Disadvantaged White People).

At T-Giving yesterday I got schooled by my Daughter-in-law and brother. Both are much more internet savy than I am. Apparently unless you change the date of posting, if you start a post one day and finish it the next, it will appear as if it were written on the first day. So much for my complaint that one of my posts was not posted on the correct day. It also appears that the alert box in called a Blog Roll and that I can keep track of who is blogging and who is visiting my blog. Who knew.

As side note my son and D-in-law schooled me on the proper terms for In-N-Out Burgers - it appears it isn't monster style, its animal style. Also there is a secret menu, but they wouldn't tell me anything else.

I was reading the paper yesterday and it appears a Swiss adventurer has been watching Toy Story one too many times. The paper reported that Yves Rossy (that's Rosseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, not Rossi). ditched in the Atlantic while trying to fly from Morocco to Spain. The thing is he was using jet powered wings, about 4 feet in width, sort of sounds like Buzz Lightyear? It also appears he wasn't flying as much as falling with style because half way through the flight he hit turbulence and clouds so thick he had to ditch in the water. Maybe next time he could go to before he takes off.

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