Friday, November 20, 2009

Peru, Oprah and Buttars

I'm still on my quest to get my post at the top of the alert board. It isn't going as well as I had hoped. My post from yesterday is still not acknowledged. Well here goes

This just in from the international section of the SL Trib. "Gangs Kill Folks for Fat?". It appears gangs of houdlims in Peru are killing people and extracting their fat for use in cosmetics. ICKKKKKKKK. It appears a gallon of fat may be worth up to $60,000. So if you are fat don't go to Peru. I think I'll go by the liposuction clinic and see if they have any left overs, maybe I can sell a gallon or two on eBay.

Speaking of Peru - Did you hear the HUGE news? Oprah is quitting!!!! Wow, talk about end of the earth. She is going to concentrate on her new network. I guess Ted Turner can't be the only one who can go weeks without leaving his universe. Oprah won't have all those royalties and endorsements flowing in so she will have to cut back on some things like buying small countries and giving away a major car manufacturer's backlog inventory. Good luck Oprah, write if you get work.

Speaking of their own universe - Chris Buttars, that poor embattered State Senator in Utah who has been critisized for his stand on opposing gay marriage, and who by the way offended every African American by making a racial comment about a bill last year is at it again. Max writes that he gives Buttars credit for following the politically safe trend even if it is against his past statements. You see Buttars came out in favor of legislation prohibiting discrimination based on "sexual choices". This sounds like a huge reversal but not so fast. It appears the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) also supported this legislation. Based on my past observations of Chris Buttars, I don't think he did any independent thinking. I don't think he has that much of a grasp on reality. I think someone from the Church (of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) spoke to dear Chris and convinced him not to make waves for them in their support of the legislation. I think Mr. Buttars is just doing what he is told. If you get a chance look at the interview he conducted after the announcement. It seems he is just saying what he has been told. It truly is nice to live in your own world. I know.

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