Saturday, November 21, 2009

Legislators in Utah Should Drink Liquor

Well it's day number 7 and I am still not properly represented on the blog alert box on the Srossi home page. I guess I will have to continue my diatribe until I am victorious.

"Liquor Caps Will Stay Put" is the headline. The story goes on to say that no more liquor licenses will be authorized so they can prevent kids from getting ahold of liquor. They site a study that shows that 21% of kids under the age of 21 polled said they got their liquor at a restaurant, bar or nightclub. That all sounds reasonable.

OK one thing I did notice is that restaurant was lumped in with a bar and nightclub. They are way different, but I digress.

On the next page a graph shows the results of the study cited above. The category where the fewest kids reported getting their liquor? You guessed it - at a restaurant, bar or nightclub. A full 60% of the kids reported getting their liquor at home or at someone else's home. More than 35% said they got liquor at a park, beach or other public event location and even those who confessed to getting liquor said more often they got their liquor in a car (30%) than in a restaurant, bar or nightclub.

BTW - I did notice the percentages added up to more than 100%, I assume this wasn't because those administering the study were also drunk, but that the kids could give multiple results.

Now I am not trying to minimize the fact that 21% of kids under the age of 21 polled said they got liquor in a restaurant, bar or nightclub. I just don't like the fact that the legislators are using this as logic to restrict the number of liquor licenses. If they truly were concerned with kids getting ahold of liquor they would work to reduce their ability to get liquor at their home, at someone else's home, at a park, beach or public event location or even in a car before they restrict liquor licenses.

As I have said before it is good to know that someone is watching out for my moral fiber while I drink.

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