Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Made It!

I guess all those hours of blogging paid off, or maybe it was the senate investigation, the call to the DA's office or the threat of a civil rights lawsuit. In any event I have made it to the top of the Srossi Blog Roll. I want to thank my brother and daughter-in-law for their help in educatin' me in the ways of the internet and blogging.

This doesn't mean I am hanging up my posts. I am now energized to continue expressing my views and observations daily. I pledge to try my best to make a daily entry on my blog. I owe it to all of you.

And not to disappoint you I have been saving these words of wisdom for a special occasion. I want to pass on the Tao of Navin.

If you are of the same generation as I am you will remember a treasured bit of celluloid starring Steve Martin as Navin R. Johnson who was adopted at birth by a poor black family in the south who leaves home at 18 to seek his fame and fortune. The name of the movie is "The Jerk" and was released in 1979.

Before Navin leaves on his adventure, his dad gives him three bits of wisdom. 1. Lord loves a workin' man, 2. Don't trust whitey and 3. If you got it, go to the doctor and get rid of it. If you've seen the movie you will know that these were meant to be nonsensical and silly. I think they have merit.

1. Lord loves a workin' man - If you work hard you will be rewarded. That is a universal sentiment. You can create your own success by working hard. That makes sense.

2. Don't trust whitey - This sounds racist but if you interpret it outside of the racial context it makes more sense. Look at whitey as "the man". We are often told not to trust the establishment. Question what those in power are saying, think for yourself, trust yourself. A good rule to live by.

3. If you got it, go to the doctor and get rid of it. This is meant as a reference to pre-aids sexual contact with less than honorable women but I maintain it also has a broader application. When faced with a decision you can make a choice or you can stew about it. If you let it fester it won't get better. To make a good decision today is often better than making a perfect decision later. If you don't deal with something the problem won't go away. Going to the doctor is a good euphism for making a decision.

There it is, the Tao according to Navin. Enjoy.

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