Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy Justice Revised

Wonderful News. The boy held in Brazil from his American father has been released. He is on his way home to the US with his father. Just when things seem really messed up someone comes to their senses and the right thing prevails.

I think this happens more than we think. Justice moves glacially slow but in the end it usually makes sense if you know all the facts. The problem I have observed is that we want a result too fast or we don't know all the facts. So when you see a result that seems out of reason, wait, or look more closely.

I believe the Susan Powell ordeal will look reasonable when it all shakes out. For the meantime we should let the police do what they do best, help them if we can, and pray for the comfort of the family. No matter how this turns out the family will look upon this Christmas as a hard time. They deserve the benefit of our patience and not to be pre-judged.

Just my opinion.

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