Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Food for Comfort

Isn't it wonderful to travel back in time by just sitting down to dinner.

Tonight we had a bit of nostalgia on a plate. We delved back in time with that basic of food groups, the comfort food. That food that you ate when you were younger, poorer and didn't know as much as you know now.

Since then you have tasted many of the great dishes of the world. You have dined out at fancy places where the menu is in a foreign language and the prices require a loan to get to dessert. You have sampled the exotic.

But we always come back to the food Mom used to cook. We always have a need to recapture that warm goodness that was part of a meal where the ingredents and cooking method were simple.

I haven't named any specific food because they are all different for each of us, but they create the same feeling. They usually have some ingredients in common; lots of fats, meat and sugar if you are talking about a desert. And of course they are served in mythic portions. Often they were sloppy and took a bit of work to get through, but the journey was worth it.

Even though we didn't say it often enough, thanks Mom for cooking all those meals.

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