Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Electronically Challenged

It seemed as if the world (at least my world - this is the world according to Pedro) had a short yesterday. Did anyone else experience the same thing?

First our home phone was out. I thought it was because of the weekend storm. Then our internet wasn't working. Then it worked but I couldn't get some of the major websites to show up. Then my computer went into automatic upload mode, meaning it kept clicking on one site and opened it about 5o times before I had to shut it off.

I rebooted the computer and the wireless router several times. Things seemed to get better toward the evening but they were still slow. This morning I got on without trouble and things seem back to normal. I guess someone got the big paddles out and gave the internet and my computer a big jolt. Well I'm glad to see all appears to be on track.

It was weird not having that connection. All day I had work that I wanted to get to but I couldn't access my email. What did we do before the internet?

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