Saturday, December 5, 2009

Had A Great Day

We had Bubby (our youngest Grandson) over last night. It was wonderful to focus on one at a time. He was very comfortable at our house and didn't want to go home in the morning. It was great scooting along the floor with him on my back, watching Thomas the Tank Engine for the millionth time and snuggling with him. They grow up so fast.

I then went to the garage and fiddled with my KLR. My hands are dirty and scraped, I really didn't do anything and I was in the cold most of the time, but I really enjoyed it. There is something really satisfying about tinkering with a mechanical device. The motorcycles has really replaced my waning desire to work on cars. They are fun to ride and they do need some simple maintainence on a regular basis. It is something I can do without a menchanical engineering degree or a lot of sophisiticated tools.

It was a good day.

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