Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Fiscally Challenged

I was reading "My favorite paper ever" and came across two examples of people someone should have been watching.

Number One - Moab school district needs to lay off one-fifth of their staff because when their long term financial director died they uncovered a number of "irregularities" leading to a significant shortfall in their budget. Shouldn't someone have been watching him? The independent accounting firm hired by the district said, when questioned about the discrepancies, that it was hard to get information from the financial director. Nice Job.

Number Two - The psychiatrist called in to evaluate David Mitchell, the psycho that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, charged the state $500,000. This was at a reduced rate of $425/hour. Wasn't someone watching this guy. Maybe the independent auditing firm who so carefully reviewed the Moab school district's finances.

I don't know what more to say. Good luck, I am going to get a job as an accountant or psychiatrist for the government. I don't feel too insignificant and ineffective after reading those stories.

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