Monday, December 21, 2009

Tid Bits

This being the shortest day of the year I will keep it brief. You don't want to waste those daylight hours reading this blog.

First - Max is right about Powell/Hacking. I hope West Valley's finest caught this early and were looking in places they looked for Lori Hacking to find evidence. Seems kind of weird they haven't found anything yet or dear Joshua would be in a small cell in an uncomfortable position.

Second - An article in "My Favorite Newspaper" listed a good last minute gift for granny and grandpa was a $15 bus ride to Wendover. They get meals and gambling. I know this is meant to be kind but does it seem like senior dumping to you, or is it just me? Why not just get them a Costco Card? They can eat from the samples every Thursday all year long?

Third - If you don't have anything else to watch today you can enjoy the estrofest when Barbara Striesand joins Oprah on her "I'm leaving the world and taking it with me" tour. Good luck.

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