Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Hutspa

What a genius. A guy in Nashville, TN took advantage of the season to don a santa suit and rob a bank. That is brilliant. He concealed his identity, yet he didn't stand out. No one would look at him and say "what is that guy up to".

Once he was finished (I assume it was a man) he could slip out of the bank. No one would think to follow him. He could disappear at the nearest Walmart or shopping mall.

Except for the illegality of his actions, he should be applauded. He used a seasonal disguise to overcome a huge hurdle for the common bank robber. Even at Halloween people have become wary of costumed revelers entering a bank, but not Santa.

Wait a minute, now we have to be leary of Santa? We can't trust anyone when Santa can rob a bank. What next? Will the Easter bunny pull a gun if the kids get too close during the Easter egg hunt? Will gnomes rush a 7 Eleven and loot it? Will Cinderella pick your pocket when you are getting your picture taken at Disneyland ( I don't mean the outrageous ticket price, I mean the direct method)? That is a bad Santa.

Merry Christmas.

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