Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bear Scare

We went camping last weekend and had an unannounced visitor in camp. We didn't see him (most likely her) but we heard her (or him) and we were told he/her was there.
First let me show you the pictures of the night before. We were at a small lake just below the Skyline Drive, east of Ephriam, Utah. It had just rained and at this altitude (over 9000 feet) the rain created a lot of mud. We decided not to make camp and sleep in the truck. When we got up the next morning everything was covered in mud.

That was Thursday night/Friday morning. We got out of there and found a much dryer place and camped Friday and Saturday night.
Saturday night I went outside in the middle of the night and heard something crunching around in the bushes about 10 feet away. I was going to get my light but I was tired so I just went back to sleep, in our tent trailer (translation - no hard sided camper to protect us). In the morning my wife said she heard some grunting in the night but didn't want to wake me.
After breakfast a dog came through camp with a radio collar. When his owner came by in a truck he said they were tracking a bear that had been around our camp since sun up.
It was a good thing we were leaving that morning.

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