Friday, August 27, 2010

Time for a Tire Change on My Motorcycle

Last night I put new tires on my KLR. Both front and rear. Both are Dunlop 606 full dirt tires. I have run only the 606 on the rear in the past but this last time I tried a 50/50 tire, a Kenda. I didn't like it. It was fine in the pavement but when I got on the dirt, particularly with a load, it seemed to have a tendency to break out in front of me, as if I was going to go down. Not a good feeling.

Here are some pics of the dirty deed. The front came off and went on well. Its a 21 inch tire on a skinny wheel. The rear objected more. Its a fat wheel that is only 17 inches. I also have a bead lock on the rear. I fought with it and with a little help from the shop forman (Bob) I was able to wrestle it into submission.

Did I mention that Bob has a really awesome shop with lots of tools, like the lift the bike is on and the tire changer.  He also has a welder a metal chop saw, lots of grinders, drills and hand tools.  He also offers great 60s blues music and libations.  What more could you want from a man cave?  Oh yea, did I mention the two vintage Harleys he is always tinkering with and the 3 vintage British bikes (2 Triumphs and a Norton - the yellow bike in the first picture.  The MG in the second pic is another project Bob works on inbetween bikes).  My lowly KLR looks like a cast off next to these
Bob and I went on a ride afterwards and all was well. The new tires felt really good. Nothing like new rubber under you.

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