Thursday, August 19, 2010


I was reading a blog from a friend of my brother's who lives in Indiana and he said he was going to a cornhole party.  I've been accused of having a dirty mind but I am not the only one who thought this meant something perverse.

I asked a friend from Nebraska what was meant by a "Corn Hole Party".  He looked a me sheepishly and said it was a derogatory term for something not spoken of in mixed company.  My suspiscions were confirmed.

I still couldn't believe this seemingly updtanding citizen would be so brazen about his perversions.  I wracked my brain to think of another explanation but couldn't come up with one.  It appears I was stuck in the mud.

I shut my door in my office and hesitantly typed "Corn Hole" into a search engine.  I was afraid I would be scarred for life by what would come up.  I was supprised and relieved.

The first entry directed me to the American Cornhole Association's website ( and no, you aren't going to go blind if you go to the site.  It turns out Cornhole is a bean bag toss game like horseshoes.  It's also called Corn Toss or Soft Horseshoes.

I guess I should get my mind out of the gutter.

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