Friday, August 13, 2010

What is Facebook?

I don't get Facebook. I know I'm closer to being able to collect social security (If there is any left, but that's another blog topic) than most Facebook participants are to turning 30, but I can't seem to get into the groove (as we older folks say) of the whole Facebook thing.

I signed up. I don't have that many interesting photos of me and I don't really want to reveal a lot of personal information so my Facebook page is rather bland. I use email, texting and this blog for cyber communication so I don't get to my Facebook page that often.

I get on Facebook mostly to see what my kids are doing; sorry kids. I like the pictures they put up and the comments from some of their friends I know. I guess it's like hanging out with them without having to start turning off lights at 9:30 so I can go to bed.

Is that it? Is Facebook like cyber hanging out? Is it a way to talk casually with others, tell them about your life and share pictures and stories without traveling or making something for potluck?

I would appreciate it if someone would ping me and let me know, or better yet tell me how to update my Facebook status (if that is even the correct terminology). I'm tired, I think I'll turn out the lights and watch Perry Mason before I go to bed.


A Paperback Writer said...

I don't really see the appeal, either, since I have a blog. Apparently, it has some uses for us old folks, though. One of my high school friends who uses facebook e-mailed me recently that she'd found one of our other buddies -- whom we'd lost track of 18 years ago -- and happily passed along to me this woman's blog address. That's obviously a good thing.
However, I don't think I'll be getting a facebook page anytime soon.

Max said...

I originally signed up on Facebook for one of the classes in my Master's program. That's the only reason I have it, and I check it about once every 3 months. I would much rather put my energy towards my blogs.
Personally, I think it's sad that we (society) is staying 'connected' electronically and becoming more physically isolated. You see it with cell phones too - three people out to lunch together, all talking to remote people on their phones.

Pedro said...

Thanks for the support. I was beginning to feel a bit isolated. I guess I will just blog about it again.