Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Box Blight or the Costco Quandry

OK, so I probably read too much of the SL Trib this week.  I seem to be on the cheesy headline express here.   My point is that it is a blight on society to buy perishable goods in bulk if you are just going to throw most of it away.

You go to Costco, you see 50 lbs of lettuce for $3.99.  Now you know one head of lettuce at the "neighborhood grocery" costs double that.  You get the 50 lbs and only eat 1 pound before it goes bad.

You think "what a waste" but the next time you are in the Fresh Market you look at lettuce and it is now $6.99 a pound.  You wait until your next Costco run and then pick up the 50 lbs bag.  You ask yourself how can they do that?

The truth is someone is being asked to farm 8 billion acres of lettuce and make only $.01 a head but they will sell Costco a trillion heads of lettuce.  All that plowing, all that fertilizer, all that harvesting equipment, all that packaging, transportation and refrigeration (the average meal travels 1500 miles to your plate) just so you can eat only a portion of it to throw the rest away. 

Seems like a huge waste of time, materials, money and energy. 


Max said...

Amen. That's one of the reasons I don't shop at Costco. Since I'm just feeding me, it is physically impossible for me to drink 3 gallons of milk before it goes bad. Ditto anything else that cannot be frozen.

marijke rossi said...

I personally love Costco. The meat is the best anywhere. Maybe the solution is to share the 50lbs of lettuce with the fam and everyone can pitch in to the price. Therefore eliminating the waste and enjoying the experience of quality and no waste. ta da.