Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day in the Sunset

Nothing much going on.  I am burried in this project I am doing for my client, my wife is busy with work and between these things and harrassing our senior to get to school on time so she can graduate, we barely had enough time to steal a bit of yesterday afternoon for ourselves.

We had ambitions of getting in a long bike ride or a hike.  Both things we like to do but the day dragged us both down enought that that sounded like too much work.

We ended up going to our favorite shake shack and ordering two shakes to go.  I had peach and my wife had mocha with butterfinger crunch and hot fudge. She has always been like that.  She is Dutch so all things chocolate are always good. 

Like Emeril said about garlic; someone asked him about what to do if he put too much garlic in a recipe.  He said he didn't know because he had never been there.  I figure my wife would never say there was too much chocolate.

We took our shakes up to a spot on the bench and watched the sun set.  It was a very relaxing half hour.  A much needed break from our day. 

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