Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hospital Jeopardy

We went to the emergency room last night, it turns out nothing serious and all is better today.

While we were there we had a long time to wait. As each new case presented itself we tried to determine their ailment. They were far enough away that we couldn't hear but we could see their gestures and sense their pain.

One guy showed up with his right fist blown up to the size of softball. We assumed that wall wouldn't do whatever it did, ever again.

A girl showed up looking very faint and had to sit in a wheelchair. My wife thought dehydration, I thought drug complication. Another two girls showed up, apparently without ailments and not obviously intoxicated, but they had two Murray police in tow. That was interesting.

The rest were common run of the mill stomach aches, babies won't stop crying and the typical large cut. No GSWs (gun shot wounds) I asked.

At least the time went by faster.

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