Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frustratingly Uncooperative

Today I heard the police describe Joshua Powell as "frustratingly uncooperative". He is the husband of the Salt Lake woman, Susan Powell, who went missing on December 7. I would like to think the cops have a handle on this case but it has been more than a month since his wife disappeared under suspicious circumstances and this is all they can say?

It sounds like West Valley's finest aren't putting enough pressure on dear Joshua. He is a person of interest but he has not been charged with anything. I'm not for police brutality or violating someone's civil rights, but they should put poor Joshua in a room with the detectives from Law and Order for a few hours or call in the Las Vegas CSI team. It would seem the confession would come streaming out just because he is intimidated by the men and women in blue.

Of course the real world works differently. You have to have evidence to get a search warrant and you have to have proof to charge someone. It just seems Susan has vanished, literally, without a trace. If the cops had anything on Mr. Powell he would not be free to move about the country. From the interviews with Joshua Powell and the background that the media has uncovered, he just doesn't seem bright enough to get away with masterminding his wife's disappearance.

You would hope that the West Valley Police Department did all they could to gather and preserve evidence in the beginning. You would hope they are tirelessly following up on leads and working on getting as much information from their person of interest as possible, even if he is "frustratingly uncooperative".

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