Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawaii Day 11

Today was a weird day. The surf was up so we just sat at the beach and watched the whales. They were pretty active and they seemed agitated. There was a lot of breaches and slaps.

The surf also seemed agitated. The waves came more frequently and were on average bigger. In the past the waves would come in a series of a few large waves and then several small waves. These were all large, 5-10 feet, and there seemed to be no small set. No one on the beach braved the waves beyond their point of curl, they played in the surf created by their breaking. Most other times a few would crack the curl and hang out past the break.

Also we heard several sirens and saw a police car speed down the road. We also saw two ambulances, one at the beach across the road from us. We couldn't see anything. Hope everyone is OK. This is more law enforcement action than we have seen any other time here.

I don't have any conclusion to draw, just my observations. This evening we went to Maui Tacos up by the Safeway on the Piilani Highway for a fish taco and then to Sensei in Kihei for a few sushi rolls and desert. I also tasted a Maui pineapple vodka. Not a lot of pineapple, lots of vodka.

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